Adam Rattray – Saturday 4th February, 12.30pm – 2.00pm, Porters’ Lodge

Adam Rattray, the Head of Art History, will take you and your guests around College, showing you the College’s art collection, and explaining some of Wellington’s remarkable buildings.

When Wellington was founded it was a national event – 20,000 soldiers paraded to greet Queen Victoria and her guests (including the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury).  At the time, Crowthorne hardly existed; 12 acres of land was given free as it was practically worthless and 100,000 letters were sent out, raising £100,000, with substantial donations from the Queen and Prince Albert. Mr. Rattray will explain the history not only of the architecture, but of the school – how Wellington has changed over the last 150 years.  He will bring to life past Headmasters (good and bad) and show you parts of the College which you (probably) do not know exist.

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