Saturday 9th June 2018 11.30 am – 1pm in the DLR

 Transitions, Change and Independence – Helping parents manage turbulence in positive ways

Janey Downshire will deliver this new talk which will help parents understand how they can help minimise dysfunctional strategies and instead help their child to manage transitions in effective ways, paving the way to becoming an autonomous, confident adult.

Change (e.g. new school, new home setup, leaving school) can feel stressful, evoking feelings of uncertainty and anxiety in teenagers.  Research evidence suggests that anxiety is at the root of many dysfunctional and addictive behaviours, habits and issues (from alcohol & drug use to online pornography, self-harm & eating disorders). When anxiety is running high, alongside the need for independence, risk taking and experimentation, teenagers can be pulled in destructive directions, leaving parents struggling to maintain their influence in the face of peer-led pressures.

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Tea, coffees will be served at the start of the talk.

“Teenagers Translated” book by Janey Downshire and Naella Grew will be available to purchase on the day at £10.