The Expedition Society has been working hard this year to bring about some interesting opportunities.

Firstly we are proud to announce that Jeff Allen, the international expedition Sea Kayaker, is coming to Wellington to talk about some of his ground breaking achievements the week after February half term.

Jeff founded Sea Kayaking Cornwall in 2003, and probably knows the Cornish coast better than any other paddler. He is a world renowned expedition Sea Kayaker, and has chalked up circumnavigations of Japan, South Georgia and Ireland as well as completing expeditions in Norway, Sweden, Alaska and Scotland. Jeff has given presentations and run courses all over the world in Iceland, Israel, Maine, Georgia, Michigan, San Francisco, Finland, Norway. He specialises in Incident management and rough-water rescues.

Secondly we are very happy to announce that we have secured Jeff to help lead a Wellington Sea Kayak expedition to the Scilly Isles in July.  This will allow the students an opportunity to engage in some challenging and beautiful sea kayaking and paddle with seals.  Details and costs for this expedition will be released next week.  Our Expeditions and Adventure Instructor Simon Waller researched this trip last year and was blown away by the beauty and variety of the Scillies.