Next week’s prestigious, traditional pre-Wimbledon grass-court tournament at The Queen’s Club has been renamed the Fever-Tree Championships, after the soft-drinks company Fever-Tree, founded in 2005 by OW Tim Warrillow, agreed a new sponsorship deal. Warrillow, one of the UK’s brightest young entrepreneurs, is excited about the sponsorship, commenting that “two great British inventions of Tennis and Tonic should prove an irresistible mix.” Fever-Tree has recently overtaken all competitors as the No.1 brand in UK supermarkets and has a sparkling worldwide reputation for quality and finesse, proving perhaps that lessons learnt at Wellington about challenge and opportunity extend far beyond the classroom.

Warrillow is pictured 3rd from left, while eagle-eyed OW watchers will note that Tim Cockroft, a past president of Queen’s Club, is on the far left of the picture.