Janey Downshire from ‘Teenagers Translated’ has delivered a number of talks and courses at Wellington over the past 3 years, always to positive acclaim. The introduction of a 2 day course last year proved hugely successful with extremely positive feedback from those parents that attended the course. I am delighted to offer a repeat of this two day course for those parents that want to explore further how best to support their children through their formative teenage years. Please find attached an outline of the course content which will be covered during the two days.

The course will take place on Monday 5th February and Monday 19th February from 9a.m. to 3p.m. in the Royal Foundation Room at Wellington College. Attendance on both days is expected and is only for Wellington parents.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided as part of the cost of the course.

There are a maximum of 24 places available on the course and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The cost of the 2 day course is £160.  Please register via Events Force link below:



  • Day Course for Parents of pre-teen and teenage children at Wellington College


    • How the teenage brain develops and how understanding this helps parents to respond appropriately to changing (and challenging) behaviours
    • The vital role of emotions & how developing skills (EQ) and practical strategies for self-regulation is key to developing positive mental health during childhood
    • Understanding Dopamine and links to motivation, safe risk taking and building resilience during adolescence
    • Child behaviour patterns, how they become established during the teenage years & how parents have a window to positively influence
    • Fine tuning interactions (how we say it as opposed to what we say) in order to encourage independent thinking & a more collaborative relationship
    • Family values how to use them effectively to help children to build their moral compass and take responsibility for decision making & problem solving
    • Practical skills for parents, how to approach inevitable ups and downs in a proactive way to ultimately empower & build their teenagers self-esteem & self-confidence


Day 2:

    • Identifying any potential risk factors for your child during adolescence
    • Understanding anxiety and stress and how they link to the development of negative, destructive and addictive coping strategies (binge drinking, drugs, eating disorders, self harm, online pornography, social media)
    • Boundaries & why they a vital element in healthy child development (and how they differ to disciplining)
    • Recognising Separation Anxiety & building parent awareness of ways they can help children to be emotionally & psychologically resilient in order to manage the challenges of growing up
    • The changing parent/child relationship: key skills which establish a framework which reduces and avoids confrontational spirals, apathy, rebellion, neediness or resistance




I do hope that the course will be of interest and participants will find it very useful.


With best wishes,

Neill Lunnon

Deputy  Head Pastoral