Former Wellington teacher Dr Naomi Pendle will be speaking at this week’s Geoventure Event

“South Sudan: conflict, crisis and the international community”.

Napoleon’s Retreat, 18.00 – 19.00 Wednesday, 16th May 
South Sudan’s independence from Sudan in 2011 ended a civil war that had lasted over THREE DECADES. However, despite a landslide referendum vote of 99% in favour of independence, South Sudan’s peace was short lived and in 2013 infighting between political parties brought war to the streets of the world’s youngest state once again.
Celebrated by the US Obama Administration as a triumph for “people everywhere who cherish the rights to govern themselves in liberty and law”, the International Community has been subject to increasing criticism for failing to support this foundering nation. The UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide has warned that “The stage is set for a repeat of what happened in Rwanda and the international community is under an obligation to prevent it”

Dr. Pendle is a former Politics teacher at Wellington College. She is now a Research Officer at the London School of Economics and Political Science working in the Conflict Research Programme in the Centre for Civil Society and with the Centre for Public Authority in International Development in the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa. She recently completed her PhD in the International Development department with a thesis on law, landscape, prophecy and public authority in South Sudan.

This lecture is a must for anyone interested in Geography, Development, Politics, and Humanitarian Crises