On Wednesday, 13th June our first ‘Paws for thought’ event took place in the library. For some time I’d been hoping to arrange for friendly staff dogs to come and visit the library to give a welcome respite to the students hard at work revising. My email met with an enthusiastic response from dog owners and 11 dogs of all shapes, sizes and colours came along to meet the students. The dogs may have been more interested in each other but the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. The only dog off the lead ran in enthusiastic crazy circles flaunting her freedom, Ms. Tyrell’s tiny, beautifully marbled, daschund puppy was fascinating to the robust labradors and Mrs. Bidston’s spaniel almost got herself adopted! All the dogs were wonderfully behaved and adults and students alike relished the time with them. A big thank you to all the staff who brought them along and we look forward to a repeat performance.dogs 2

Next Wednesday has a more literary theme and we are in for another treat. Sarah Govett, Young Adult writer will be visiting to speak to the 3rd Form.  Sarah wrote The Territory, a dystopian trilogy and the whole year group have been reading the first instalment. It’s encouraging to see students coming into the library requesting the second book having finished the first in a week. It has been very well received and has inspired a number of our less keen readers. Although the novels are relatively short and accessible, the themes are thought-provoking and there is much to discuss. Keen writers will have the opportunity to attend a workshop by our visiting author later that morning.

As we approach the summer holidays more reading suggestions and lists will be added to the blog. It has just been updated with reading recommendations for the new L6th English students – both A level and IB.