I recently attended a School Librarians’ Conference and heard a talk by Nicola Morgan (no not the former Secretary of State for Education!) about her latest books. Nicola is a Young Adult author and an international speaker on a range of areas of teenage wellbeing, the science of reading and effects of life online. Her latest book ‘Positively Teenage – A positively brilliant guide to teenage well-being’ is a very readable look at suggestions for avoiding stress, embracing challenges, developing resilience and enjoying life to the full. Her Flourish quiz at the front of the book is a useful exercise for people of any age and encourages us to look at how we spend our time and look after our brains.

Her next book is published on 24th May and focuses on teenagers’ online behaviour. ‘The teenage guide to life online’ has another very thought-provoking quiz on our online habits and that can be a very useful tool for checking our own as well as our teenagers’ screen usage and starting a conversation on this subject. Her website offers many resources for teenage wellbeing including Tips for Healthy Screen Time and she sensibly writes that we shouldn’t castigate teenagers about screen use when we may be just as bad!  We also have her earlier books available in the library including Teenage guide to stress, Blame my teenage brain and Teenage guide to friends.

Nicola coined the lovely term ‘Readaxation’ and I think this idea of reading for complete relaxation or ‘a holiday in your head’ as author Jojo Moyes described it is a wonderful way to view recreational reading. Alongside reading and talking about books, board games and card games are a fun way for us to interact away from screens and at the request of a number of L6th students I plan to set up a games club in the library – with a bit of reading and book-chatting sneaked in on the side!

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