Reading Challenges for 2018

 January is the time I start thinking about my reading plans for the year ahead. It’s also the time when a plethora of Reading Challenges pop up on Twitter and book blogs.

If you are interested in trying a reading challenge, or inspiring your children to have a go browse this book blog for some suggestions. Generally, the aim of challenges is to encourage you to read beyond the confines of your usual book habits and try new themes, styles, authors and genres. Penguin have a Classic Book Reading Challenge for 2018. They are spurring people to get around to those classics they always meant to read and recommend a particular classic each month.

I don’t think I can manage the 52 books a year challenge but I am keen to read a wider range of genres in 2018 and in particular non-fiction. The Wellington Community Book Club is reading Royal Society Science Book Prize winner 2017 – Testosterone Rex: Unmaking the myths of our Gendered minds by Cordelia Fine. This is a highly accessible look at the science behind purported brain differences in men and woman, written with great humour, and should prompt some interesting discussion!  

 Recently I’ve discovered the knack of having several diverse books on the go at once and have taken to reading graphic novels on History themes between novels. Here is a link to a number of the graphic novels on historical themes we now stock in the library. They are an excellent way to learn about a particular period of history or event in a quick and memorable way.

 For a guaranteed tip on how to make more time for reading see the latest post on the library blog