One of our keen L6th students, planning to study Medicine, has recommended this week’s Book of the Week.

 This is going to hurt by Adam Kay

Rayyan is promoting this recently published book to all his friends and teachers. He tells me it has much wider appeal beyond the medical establishment and students and it is both laugh out loud funny and deeply moving. It consists of the diaries of a junior doctor from 2004 to 2010 and can be dipped into and read from any page. He includes this from a review in The Scotsman newspaper:

 Kay’s book is vital and timely. It should be required reading for anyone who ever has any political or financial responsibility for our health services. Kay presents the countless patients he treated but also his own story, the sacrifices, the successes and then the final straw. “I should have had counselling – in fact, my hospital should have arranged it,” Kay writes of the traumatic incident that marked the end of his career. “But there’s a mutual code of silence that keeps help from those who need it most.” And if that doesn’t make you wince, I’m not sure what would.

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