Proposal – College one-way road system

In an attempt to make the western side of the College estate safer for students and other road users, it is proposed that the current traffic system is changed from two way traffic, to one way (please see attached map). This would also include strict pedestrianising of the road at the top of North Front with exclusive access only for College service vehicles requiring access to Front Quad.

Proposal – College one way road system

The benefits of this proposal are as follows:

  • Safer for students and other pedestrians faced only with one way traffic.
  • North Front to become pedestrianised (South Front currently is pedestrianised).
  • New one way parking system at Grubbies (car park entry/exit).
  • Drivers would be deterred from using cars to drive around College. Promote walking and cycling. Reduce short cuts and cut through.
  • Alleviates the three narrow pinch point’s past Masters Lodge, Apsley and Grubbies. (Currently single lane traffic only, causing traffic to queue)
  • Traffic would be diverted away from the main College buildings and roads.
  • Pink Pavilion used to park minibuses and changed to new collect/drop off point for students, for all trips.
  • Pink Pavilion parking area would become pedestrianised.
  • Return 15 parking spaces next to the Orange (where minibuses are currently parked).
  • Access/exit to North Front parking area would be via the Kilometre only.
  • A safer/calmer road network would be created throughout the western side of College.

The timeline for adopting the new one way system would be scheduled to take place during the October Exeat, as and when approved. New road signage and speed humps would also be installed along this route as an additional traffic calming measure.

This initiative is purely aimed at enhancing the safety of all our students, visiting parents, staff and visitors (all road users).

Your comments, views and queries are very welcome. Please study the attached map/link and provide comment as necessary direct to Brian Cannon (Head of Operations and Security)