Year of Positive Wellbeing

Neil LunnonNeill Lunnon, Deputy Head Pastoral, writes:  “If you were to hear the words, ‘mental health’, I wonder what would drop into your head? I suspect, as many would, areas such as anxiety, stress, depression, perhaps self-harm or panic attacks. If you were to hear the words, ‘physical health’, I suspect your mind would now be filled with the benefits of exercise, the importance of sleep and  a healthy diet. There is an interesting divide in these two reactions as one is all about being proactive and positive and the other very much negative and reactive. We are all aware of the need to look after our physical health and to ensure we are promoting it as effectively as possible but we do not think of our mental wellbeing in the same way.

This year at Wellington, we are promoting a ‘Year of Positive Mental Wellbeing’, where we will encourage the whole community to look at their mental health in a positive and proactive way. Extra support for those that require it will continue to be provided of course but we are shifting the emphasis away from a reactive mindset to one which encourages all members of the community to take control of their mental wellbeing in order to develop greater resilience in this area. Mindfulness, the importance of sleep, spending time with friends, digital detox, regular exercise, being outside,  eating well, helping others, are all examples of areas which promote positive mental wellbeing. This term we are training 12 members of the L6th to be Mental Health Ambassadors to deliver bespoke sessions to our younger pupils in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation (one of the UK’s largest mental health charities).  Our Service Day will focus on positive mental health with guest speakers and group discussion. Many houses are actively promoting positive mental wellbeing via a raft of ideas. The wellbeing programme at Wellington continues to develop our pupils understanding of mental health and provide tools and techniques to support them. We hope that promoting positive and proactive mental wellbeing that all members of the community will treat their mental health in the same way as their physical health. The Mental Health Foundation website is full of useful tips and advice.”