Pastoral Talk 15

25th February 11.40 – 12.40 in the DLR

Body Image and Physical Appearance by Dr Aric Sigman

Dr Sigman returns to Wellington to discuss body image. Body dissatisfaction has become so prevalent amongst girls that it is now being described as a “normative discontent”. More boys over-exercise, body build and take supplements and anabolic steroids to acquire a six pack, and more exhibit muscle dysmorphia.  Dr Sigman will focus on preventing body dissatisfaction and eating disorders based on his book “The Body Wars”.


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Pastoral Talk 16

4th March 2017  11.30 – 12.30 in the DLR

Parenting Teenage Boys – Claire Gillman

We look forward to welcoming Claire Gillman back to Wellington again to talk about parenting teenage boys.  She has written a book on the subject “The Best of Boys” which will be available to purchase on the day.

Claire’s talk will help give parents the information they need on the enormous physical and emotional changes in boys from 11-18, the different stages they go through, problems they’ll hit, school issues, encouraging positive behaviour, warning signs and how to cope as parents. Her book also covers more extreme problems – drugs, teenage pregnancy, being expelled from school – as well as the more everyday ones, and full of anecdotes and advice from other British parents, this is a down-to-earth, often humorous, but above all positive book that will be essential reading for all parents of sons.

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Pastoral Talk 17

11 March 2017 11.30 – 12.30 in the DLR

Managing stress and anxiety before exams – Dr Philip Hopley

We look forward to welcome back Dr Phil Hopley who specialises in stress, mood and anxiety disorders.  He is clinical lead for LLP’s Sports Counselling Service and consults to a range of Governing Bodies and Player Associations. Dr Hopley played rugby for London Wasps for a decade including two years as a semi-professional, representing England Students & the Barbarians along the way. Despite years experimenting, he has found no better way of de-stressing than hitting a small white ball around the green fields of southern England.

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Pastoral Talk 18

18th March 11.45 – 12.45pm in the Monro Pavilion

Flow – Ian Morris, Head of Wellbeing at Wellington

Flow is the state where your ability and the complexity of the task you are performing are perfectly matched so that you lose track of time and even lose your sense of self. This session looks in a little more detail at what Flow is, how we teach it at Wellington and how you might go about recognising it when it comes around.

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