This is just a reminder that all students who are registered with the College Doctor should only be seen by their home GP as a ‘temporary patient’, if unwell during school holidays.  If you live locally you can take them to the College GP main practice to be seen:

Ringmead Medical Practice

Birch Hill Medical Centre



RG12 7WW

Tel: 01344 208060

If your son/daughter should have any medical issues during school holidays, please ensure that you keep us up to date with all relevant information.

Also, please note that your child does not need to bring back to College any over the counter medications as The Health Centre and all House Matrons keep a supply of Paracetamol, Ibuprofen etc.

Can we please draw your attention to the attached letter regarding flu vaccination.  We are anticipating that the Ringmead Practice will again be offering free flu vaccination to all pupils and staff in college.  We would like to point out that the uptake last year was very low and there were a number of pupils and staff within College who experienced flu-like symptoms.  This year we hope more pupils & staff will wish to be vaccinated. Please print off the form and return to the Health Centre. new flu form 2018

A reminder that we are able to give pupils travel health vaccinations to ensure they are properly covered for family trips and holidays.  However, please note that we require at least 6-8 weeks notice to make sure we can provide the necessary vaccinations.

The Ringmead Practice would like parents to be aware that there is a cost associated with completion of some medical forms and letters.  Again, further information can be obtained from the Health Centre.

From The Health Centre

T: +44(0)1344 444111 / 444112  F: +44(0)1344 444113