HE & Careers issues for week 8 are as follows:


  • KING’S COLLEGE, LONDON – PRE-UNIVERSITY TASTER COURSES.  KCL wanted to let you know that applications are still open until 30th of June for the King’s Pre-University Taster, a unique summer experience designed for students enrolled in their last two years of secondary school.  Taking place on 6-9 August 2018, the programme will provide your students with the opportunity to get a taster of a chosen subject at undergraduate level and help them prepare for their future at university and beyond. See https://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/summer/summer-schools/pre-university/pre-university-taster.aspx
  •  The Young Politician Programme  UCL – Sunday 15th July 2018.  UCL are delighted to announce that a former speech-writer for Tony Blair will be coaching their students in the art of public speaking at The Young Politician Programme this July. This session will prepare students for a live afternoon parliamentary debate in which they will be challenged by a current MP on a gripping international relations issue.  The Young Politician Programme therefore represents a unique opportunity for students to experience the whirlwind life of a politician. The programme will begin with a live news bulletin and students will be involved in a series of real-life political simulations resulting from that. The simulations will include debating with Lobbyists and being grilled in a ‘Newsnight’-style interview. In attendance will be high-profile figures from the world of politics, including:
    – A former Cabinet Minister
    – A current MP
    – A former speech-writer for the Prime Minister
    – Lobbyists
    – Policy Experts
    – Parliamentary Aides
    Moreover, an entire session will be dedicated to coaching students on their journey to a life in politics, starting now.

For more information, see https://investineducation.co.uk/products/the-young-politician-programme?utm_source=InvestIN+Education+-+Schools+MASTER&utm_campaign=d7f78398fe-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_01_19_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ea2e31bba1-d7f78398fe-134924861&mc_cid=d7f78398fe&mc_eid=a628e5b175

  • IMPERIAL COLLEGE – PHYSICS OPEN DAYS.  Imperial would like to cordially invite you to the upcoming Physics Open Days to be held at the physics department at Imperial College, in the latter part of this month. The Project Open Days are especially relevant as an OW, Archie Atkinson, who is  now a part of our department, will be displaying his project along with all of this year’s first year physics undergraduates. Please make a note of these dates and register your names so as not to be disappointed.

Project Open Day for A Level Students – 21st June 2018.  This event is primarily aimed at year 12 students who would like to know more about physics, what the subject entails at degree level, and where it can lead career-wise. The session consists of short lectures and a series of talks, a peek into research from a leading researcher in the department, Q&A with current undergraduate students, and a tour of the first year students end-of-year project displays. It is essential to book a place for these Open Days as early as possible.  Please use the link given to access further information about this event.  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-level-project-open-day-tickets-45020358103

Project Open Day for GCSE Students 22nd June 2018.  This event is aimed at GCSE students (years 10 and 11) who are considering choosing physics as one of their A Level subjects. The session consists of short lectures and tips of how to get into physics, plus a Q&A with current undergraduate students. A campus tour and a tour of the student end-of-year project displays is also provided.  Both Open Days will also consist of live demonstrations and displays of first year Undergraduate student’s project work.  It is essential to book a place for these Open Days as early as possible and you can use the link given to access further information about this event. To register please go to:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gcse-project-open-day-tickets-45019684087

Science and Engineering Open Days 27th and 28th of June 2018  This event is for prospective students to find out what it’s really like to study at Imperial. The Open Day will include:

-Departmental information sessions

-A chance to speak to current staff and students

-A tour of some of our halls of residence which are available to all first year undergraduates

-Admission talks and further information about applying to the department of your choice as well as on all aspects of student life.

To register for these events please go to:  http://www.imperial.ac.uk/study/ug/visit/open-days/


Please note that neither I nor Wellington have vetted or significantly researched these opportunities.  They have been selected due to being of potential interest to pupils and assumed to be supported by a recognised institution and thus thought to be worthy of note.  Do please carry out your own research and do please let me know if you have any opinions on these opportunities, good or bad, so this service can be improved.If any course you are interested in is during term time make sure you seek HM permission to miss any of your school commitments before you book a place on the course.

Mr Ewart