Harry and The Piano

Tuesday | April 24th | The Old Gym | 7:30pm

Tickets: £10

Open to pupils, staff, parents, and public

This concert is the equivalent of a piano recital, though even Harry can’t say what he will play as it is whatever comes into his and the audiences’ minds on the night! It is a unique evening of improvisation where Harry seamlessly weaves together melodies from across his encyclopaedic knowledge of piano repertoire, exploring the relationship between well-known classical music and popular ballads, as well as demonstrating how such gems as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik might have been imagined by Beethoven or Debussy, or indeed anyone of the audience’s choosing! All genres can and do make an appearance, along with instant improvisation on titles from the audience in any style. Harry includes a set by students from the workshop earlier in the day, where they showcase the work done both solos and in duets with Harry.