The Head of Sustainability, Ana Romero, together with the Outdoor and Adventure Instructor, Simon Waller under the Sustainability- Global Education Action Programme are arranging a trip to Peru for July 2019. This opportunity will be offered to students in 4th, 5th and L6th Forms. The purpose of the programme is to work within an humanitarian project that will have a strong impact in a community working in education, housing, healthcare, food & water security, environmental protection and sustainable livelihoods. Students participating in this programme will be able to develop new skills including entrepreneurial, budgeting and  time keeping while planning their trip.  They will also be participating in a high level trek to explore the country and stretch their limits. During the trip they can potentially improve their communication skills, team work and problem solving. This experience can help to demonstrate the students skills in university applications and personal statements, on their CV and in interviews. For more information please contact Ana Romero and Simon Waller