The Decision charity, which aims to help young people through exposure to –  and mentoring by – successful and diversified professionals  is hosting a Gala Ball here at Wellington. The charity has close links to Wellington, and Will Morison (Lower Sixth Beresford) takes up the story:

“I ask strongly for the Wellington community and family to support this cause by attending our launch Gala Ball being held here at college on Saturday 11th February 2017. Please visit the link below to read more about the event and then book tickets if you are interested:

The Decision charity was started following a personal experience within my family. Decision was founded on the principle that everybody starts at different points in life, but it is not about where you start but more what you do and the decisions you make throughout your life which dictates where you end up. This I believe is massively impacted by the people you meet. Decision is all about the value-add.

Decision aims to go some way in helping young people through the exposure to and mentoring by, successful and diversified people, so that they might have some of the same opportunities. The best way to alter a person’s direction in life is to expose them to those people that are going to light that spark inside them, help them get the desire to go and change the direction of their life; and even show them something they haven’t seen before which kicks them into action. This is what we aim to do.

Is becoming an accountant as the son of an accountant any different from being unemployed as the son of an unemployed father? There is no difference, because the value-add is the same and people forget this. There must be a realisation that here at Wellington we are all incredibly privileged and have endless fantastic opportunities. The reality is that most people are not born into that same situation in life. They do not have the same opportunities or experiences through the course of their life, which allows them to find success, fulfilment and even a passion

As a charity we are developing a speaking and mentoring programme in which we will take our network of high profile, successful individuals in a number of different fields such as sports, business, politics, arts, etc into schools, other charities and organisations, etc. Initially the Decision programme will be launched into a local school in Berkshire. This school is underperforming on several fronts and is facing some unique social issues and will have a large portion of students in it, which the Decision charity’s mission will absolutely benefit.

The initial objective is to build our network of potential speakers and mentors who would go into the school over the course of the next two years to deliver, firstly presentations and to own and deliver the subsequent mentoring programmes on a individual and group basis.

We are also looking for; individuals to come forward to be a potential speaker or mentor, making any donations for the ball auction or finally making any single donations towards the charity.

The initial objective for our charity over the next two years is very exciting. The potential for this charity is huge and is something that we are passionate about realising.”