The Open Water Swimming Team are taking on an ambitious challenge; to swim the English Channel. The members of the team are Matty Groom, Elodie Sinclair, Jess Mundy, Caitlin Loo, Piper Lloyd, Raph Robeson, and our teachers Mr Murphy and Miss Le Bihan. We have trained extremely hard to get to where we are now, having endured early-morning swims in the lake before school, long swims in the sea every weekend and a tough training camp in Brighton over the half term where we completed our gruelling two-hour qualifier swim in 13C water with no wetsuits allowed and were introduced to the discipline of night-swimming. The challenge is both physical and psychological and we have had to show huge amounts of resilience while battling the cold and exhaustion.

We are planning on swimming the Channel during the week of the 15th June. The whole team will be on standby and we will be told to come down to Dover within 24 hours to begin the swim when the weather looks good. You can follow our progress on Twitter @WellyOpenWater

We are raising money for two worthy charities: Level Water, a charity that teaches disabled children how to swim, and Rowans Hospice, a hospice that helped one of the members of the team’s grandfather in one of the hardest times of his life. Any donations would be hugely appreciated, and you can donate by visiting our Virgin Money account: